semyaFamily Tour

The modern rhythm of life not always allows us to spend enough time with our family and relatives.

Family rest is one of opportunities to fill this time, to take pleasure in the unforgettable moments of a family cosiness, tranquillity and harmony in a distance from daily vanity. A trip to the exotic countries on an ocean coast where under noise of waves and a light breeze the senior generation will be able to take pleasure in tranquillity and a pacification, and younger to spend much time, плескаясь in warm water and receiving a set of positive emotions.

Foot walks on narrow small streets of Europe will allow parents to take pleasure in the atmosphere of romanticism and magic. A set of restaurants, fragrant cafes with fresh pastries won’t leave indifferent even the most refined gourmets. The ancient architecture in Gothic style, baroque, neoclassicism and a modernist style, excursion on the central streets to broaden horizons of your child to which will be what to tell on arrival home.

Fantastic trips to various medieval castles, the Disneylands and amusement parks not only will leave the sea of impressions at your children for all next year, but also will allow parents to plunge into the atmosphere of magic and the fairy tale.

Corporate Tour

The organization of corporate trips, joint rest, carrying out actions or team buildings – all this is possible with us.
Joint rest and team actions will allow you to increase motivation and overall performance of your personnel in team.

In the presents time, corporate rest and team building are one of the perspective models of corporate management providing full development of the company.Business tourism and the organization of conferences, business meetings and summit talks with comfort!

Wellness & Spa

“Wellness” is the money spent for feeling more healthy even if you aren’t sick” in usual medical parameters. Today the main requirement of most of people not in money,and in health”. Paul Pilzner, the economist and the analyst, the economic adviser to the U.S. President.

How to keep courage, external and internal harmony in beat of the modern world?

Give yourself it a gift, relax and restore the forces on one of the most known SPA of resorts of the world. Resorts trace the roots back of SPA far to times of Ancient Rome where for healing of illnesses, acquisition of internal and external beauty and balance used thermal sources and thermal bathtubs.

Passed centuries, the wellness & amp direction; spa became the most progressive, and demand for beauty and health is more increasing the demanded. To restore vital energy and forces, you will be able to have a rest and take pleasure in tranquility, already to feel unknown inflow of forces in some days of stay on one of resorts.

Exclusive rest

Exclusive rest is an unforgettable rest of which you dreamed long ago! Boutique hotels of the highest level where everything is thought over to trifles, air flights by the first or a business class, the VIP a meeting of tourists and paperwork at the airport, the VIP transfers and is a lot more pleasant services for comfortable and unforgettable rest.

If you want to organize a holiday for you and your relatives we will help to organize a celebration, to order restaurant or to choose a gift. Rest for true judges of luxury!

Medical services

Medical care or course of treatment in the leading clinics of the world, with the last innovations and technologies in health sector. Many clients give preference to medical treatment abroad for the high level of medical services and quality of service. It should be added that telling argument at a choice is also exclusively high level of training of doctors in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, the Czech Republic and other countries of Europe and Asia such as the United Arab Emirates, Turkey.

Competent training of the personnel, development in scientific centers of the advanced, modern equipment and its application in practical activities, personal care of patients – all this is pledge to success!

Ski resorts

Take pleasure in a charge positive emotion, active recreation and pleasant pastime far from daily vanity on mountain routes of the Alps. If you want quickly, qualitatively and cheap to take pleasure in all delights of alpine skiing rest, there is a new alternative to the Alps – ski resorts of Turkey.

Besides here you will meet the All inclusive system which is already fallen in love in beach resorts. Derive pleasure from ski slopes, the fresh and invigorating air with advantage as a hobby and physical health!