12Alpha Tours

The company is created in 1996 by Hasan Aridi and his partners, this organization managed to achieve the considerable objectives and to control a considerable share of the market in sector of tourism of the United Arab Emirates.

Relying on Mr. Jahmal Al Huy, the Chairman of Committee of Directors in Dubai Airports, Alpha Tours created one of the most reliable trademarks within the International tourist industry. Alpha Tours is conducting tour operator in the Persian Gulf.

Alpha Tours is the leader in the market in the region of the Persian Gulf, on the basis of all aspects, such as an annual turnover, a wide network of the international partners, high level of service and qualifications of members of its team.

Services and practice

Enter the services Alpha Tours, but without being limited to it, the following:

– Support of the client and development of new products
– Client / Management of the relations with suppliers
– Land service
– Appointment cruise consultation and management
– Cruises and Coastal Excursion Programs
– The VIP specially adapted Programs,
– Air Charter Operation
– MICE Programs
– Programs of ecological tourism
– Groups on special interests
– Group Programs of rest
– Sports groups
– Medical tourism
– Magnificent services
– Booking of hotels and placement
– Rounds and excursions

KZET Travel

KZET Travel – the Czech tour operator specializing in treatment in the Czech resorts and the organization of individual rounds.

KZET Travel provides a full range of tourist services and we care of our clients from their arrival before departure home. For complete control and support of clients own offices in Prague and Karlovy Vary were created.

High-quality service during stay in the Czech Republic is guaranteed to KZET Travel, and also the services connected with stay in the Czech Republic, such as transfers, excursions and other service. We have a full range of support and a complex of services for our partners abroad.

TEZ Tour

The international tourist holding TEZ TOUR is one of leading companies in Russia and the leader in sending tourists from the countries of the former USSR and Eastern Europe. TEZ TOUR is founded in 1994, in its assortment such directions today as: Austria, Andorra, Bulgaria, Greece, Dominican republic, Egypt, Spain, Italy, China, Cuba, Maldives, Mexico, United Arab Emirates, Thailand, Turkey, Sri Lanka.

The Tez Tour profile – high-quality service of tourists on the most popular directions of foreign tourism. Professionally working with big flows of tourists and well understanding a situation in the tourist market, TEZ Tour chooses reliable airlines and the best hotels.

Air Astana

The Air Astana airline was registered in 2001, and on May 15, 2002 performed the first flight Almaty – Astana. Inauguration of flight was visited by the president of the Republic of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev and sir Richard Evans, representing two shareholders of airline – the government of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the British company BAE Systems PLC respectively.

“Air Astana” it is certified by the European agency of aviation safety (EASA) on performance of maintenance of aircrafts according to requirements of the directive 145. In 2011 the Air Astana airline is repeatedly officially registered by IATA (The international association of air transport) in the register of the airlines which successfully passed the international audit on operational safety (IOSA). Thus “Air Astana” is the only airline from Kazakhstan which is in this register.

We provide to Air Astana the services of air transportation in the internal and international directions according to the highest standards of safety and service answering to expectations of clients, interests of the company and needs of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Czeck Airlines

Czech Airlines are one of the oldest airlines in Europe. Czech Airlines provide the services to passengers since 1923. Up to the present, the airline received a huge number of experience and grew in the modern airline having a number of awards for quality of services.

The main direction of business of the Czech airlines is regular passenger avias of a perevozoka. The Czech airlines are the main airline of the Czech Republic which are in operation since October, 1923 that does them to one of five oldest airlines in the world. Czech Airlines are the member of the International association of air transport (IATA), Association of the European airlines (AEA), and alliance SkyTeam. As of September, 2012, the airline is the member of the Czech group Aeroholding.

The Czech airlines carry out the certificate of ISO 14001 for system of ecological management, and are the only airline which is based in the Czech Republic and possessing the certificate of conformity with requirements of IOSA (IATA Operational Safety Audit) – the front lines on standards of safety in air transportation.


– dynamically developing travel agency,
which provides the services on the coasts of Antalya and Bodrum.

The principle of work of the company – professionalism and a quality guarantee of customer service. Individually we approach VIZAVI TOUR each client, competently and quickly we react to all wishes of tourists.

The wide range of tourist services from booking of hotels, a meeting and wires of tourists, the various excursion program to the organization individual and the VIP of rounds is provided to VIZAVI TOUR for our guests, We are glad to meet and serve you on coast of the Turkish Riviera, we wait

You on rest to hospitable Turkey!

VIZAVI TOUR – rest of your dream!

“Cross Way”

The international transport agency “Cross Way” is formed in 2003. Age and experience of the company sufficient that clients could receive the qualified service. The personnel of the enterprise have the vocational education got in International Civil Aviation Organizations and carry out selection of the most difficult routes. Combining experience of professionals and commitment of young specialists, the international transport agency “Cross Way” provides full range of services to the population, agencies, airlines, various organizations, such as:

  • sale of an avia – and train tickets
  • granting motor transport
  • development of trips
  • organization of custom flights
  • booking of places in hotels
  • registration of visas
  • insurance for tours
  • performance of representative services to airlines in the cities of Kazakhstan
  • the organization of maintaining a resource of places of airlines in system of the automated booking and sale of places
  • Internet sale of air tickets and other tourist products

logo mouzenidis new


20 years of leadership: tour operator of MOUZENIDISTRAVEL from foundation in 1995 – No. 1 in the segment of the market

2015 – anniversary for the Greek tour operator of MouzenidisTravel: 20 years of work, two decades in the status of the leader in the tourist market of Eastern Europe in the direction Greece. Having become a basis of the large versatile Greek holding MouzenidisGroup uniting today nearly two tens companies, the tour operator keeps and Greece strengthens the positions on development and advance of the direction. Many-sided opportunities of holding allow Mouzenidis Travel to create and offer an unprecedented variety of rounds and options of trips to Greece.

The head office of the Mouzenidis Travel company is located in Greece, in the city of Thessaloniki, offices of tour operator operate on resorts and in regions of the country: Athens, Piyeriya, peninsula Chalkidiki, peninsula of Peloponnese, island of Crete, island of Corfu, island Rhodes, island of Thasos, island of Zakynthos. The regional network of the company constantly extends, the number of regional offices in the cities of Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, Kazakhstan, Romania, Serbia, Latvia, Bulgaria exceeds 80 today and continues to grow.

Experience of successful functioning of representations allows the company to expand the outgoing and incoming directions of work. So, besides the Greek direction, the company offers rounds on ski resorts of Bulgaria and to Baltic, develops programs for reception of tourists in Russia.

The flow of the tourists accepted by the Mouzenidis Travel company in Greece from 1998 to 2014 has grown more than by 60 times. In the near future the company plans to come to an indicator of 1 million tourists a year.

The purpose of the company – achievement of the superior quality of service of tourists and price appeal of the offered tourist’s product that becomes possible thanks to domestic policy of the company. Mouzenidis Travel serves tourists from the beginning of a trip and up to their homecoming that allows to control quality of service at all stages of a trip and to support him at the highest level.

Alpha Holidays

Alpha Holidays, Tourism and Travel is Alpha Tours subsidiary. Alpha Holidays is certified by IATA association (The international association of air transport) and round specializes on sale of air tickets, MICE and to selection “a first-aid kit. permits” including golf, skiing and sporting events which would satisfy all needs of the experienced tourist, time and the budget through worldwide network of hotels, resorts, airlines and the cruise companies. Alpha Holidays is PSA (The main sales agent) of Costa Cruises, MSC and Holland America in the United Arab Emirates and Gulf States.

Costa Cruises

Costa Cruises is No. 1 in Europe the company on the organization of cruises. More than 60 years its ships plowed the world seas, offering the best in the Italian style, hospitality and kitchen and providing holiday of dream – all possible in respect of entertainments and rest. Its fleet has in total 14 courts. The ships are served under the Italian flag, everyone with own distinctive characteristics and unique style; together every year, they offer opportunity to visit about 250 certain directions in the Mediterranean Sea, Northern Europe, the Baltic Sea, the Caribbean Region, South America, the United Arab Emirates, in the Far East and in the Indian Ocean.

Nati Tour

Nati’s company founded in 2008 proved ROUND as the reliable and stable partner in the tourist market.

Now Nati Tur serves more than 20 thousand tourists a year from the CIS countries and Europe.

The main priorities of our company is the level of the provided services, an individual approach to each client, a practicality and speed in performance of tasks.

We constantly watch and we analyze demand and wishes of the nyneshny market and we improve system of service and a set of the provided services.

The main directions of our company is all types booking of hotels, corporate actions, medical tourism, real estate, booking of air tickets on internal and international flights of any directions, a transfer to hotels and a transfer from Istanbul on all cities of Bulgaria.

Our company seeks to make rest of guests of Turkey unforgettable!

Tamerlan Tour

The aviatour agency “Tamerlan Tour” was created in 1994.

Main directions: organization of group and individual rounds worldwide, treatment and education abroad, booking and sale of air tickets. And also — treatment in clinics of Europe, sanatorium rest in Austria, Germany, France, Switzerland, Italy, Slovenia, Hungary.

Scat Airlines/Sunday Airlines

In 1997 the group of the pilots, aeromechanics and people devoted to aircraft who love the sky gathered in the city of Shymkent. Their passion to flights, desire to help the country with creation of reliable transport infrastructure and belief in success, helped to create SCAT airline.

Today the park of aircrafts of the company consists of mainly own planes of the western production, more than 80 internal and international aviaroutes Are operated, annually opens to ten new directions, the passenger traffic on average increases by 40%.

Sunday Airlines a new brand and SCAT Airlines subsidiary, works with Boeing 757-200 under lease from the parent company.

Bank RBK

АО «Bank RBK» – the universal Kazakhstan bank institute having the balanced indicators of development. The bank carries out serious investments into development of the human capital, infrastructure, information technologies and own brand, planning in medium-term prospect to be among leaders of group of average banks of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The international rating agency Standard & Poor’s assigned to Bank long-term and short-term credit scores of the contractor “B-B-/C/C and a rating on a national scale “kzBB -“. The forecast of change of ratings – “Stable”. In July, 2012 and in May, 2013 Standard & Poor’s confirmed credit ratings of АО «Bank RBK».

АО «Bank RBK» is the member of the Kazakhstan stock exchange, Association of financiers of Kazakhstan, the participant of System of obligatory collective guaranteeing (insurance) of deposits (deposits) of natural persons of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the partner of Fund of development of business “Lady” within implementation of the Road Map of Business 2020 program, the partner of Community of the world interbank financial telecommunications (SWIFT), and also the associated participant of Visa International.

Kazkomerts Bank

Kazkomerts Bank (KAZKOM) – is one of the largest banks in Kazakhstan and Central Asia. Assets of bank for December 31, 2012 made 2 444,8 billion tenges.

In addition to the main bank direction (retail and corporate), KAZKOM has the subsidiaries working in spheres of management of pension and financial assets, insurance and broker services. KAZKOM also has subsidiary banks in the Russian Federation, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan. The main shareholders of Kazkommertsbank are: JSC Central Asian Investment Company, Mr. Nurzhan Subkhanberdin, JSC Alnair Capital Holding, JSC NWF Samruk-Kazyna, European Bank of Reconstruction and Development.

The predecessor KAZCOM, Medeu’s Bank was founded in July, 1990, and re-registered as Kazkommertsbank in October, 1991. KAZKOM the first of banks of the CIS finished IPO in the form of GDR at the London Stock Exchange in November, 2006, for the total amount of 845 million dollars. Bank shares are placed at the Kazakhstan stock exchange.

“Millennium Travel”

The travel agency “Millennium Travel” is engaged in the organization of rest – reception of tourist groups in Slovenia. The following services are included into the list of the provided services in the territory of the country:

  • Booking of hotels
  • Organization of transfers
  • Excursion program
  • Programs of active recreation
  • Organization of seminars and conferences
  • The organization of training camps for teams.

Narrow specialization of activity and Russian-speaking headquarters of staff of the company promote to accurate and perfect performance of wishes of our clients!

Logo (Sayama

“Sayama Travel”

Sayama Travel – one of the leading tour operators across Thailand in the market of the CIS and Eastern Europe.

The companies are his part:


Professionals in the field of exclusive travel


Business tourism expert and group trips

Real Estate Club Thailand

Real estate agency with extensive base of objects in all key regions of the country