About us

Travel agency “Family Travel Ltd”.

Was founded in 1995 under the name “Family Tour”, and in 2006 received the real name “Family Travel Ltd”.

Our main priority are family values, therefore the direction “Family tourism” for us it — first of all opportunity to present to our clients unforgettable moments of a family cosines, heat and harmony in the distance from daily cares and vanity.

Our purpose – provide to clients exclusive service which is based on an individual approach. Thanks to our long cooperation with partners worldwide, our clients could estimate the quality of service and care for them rendered from “ A” to “Z” in the organization of travel more than once. As a result the most part of tourists, becomes ours “Family Friends” and come back again and again, planning new travel and opening.

Today exclusive vacation becomes more and more demanded direction 0f the tourist industry, preferences to which our clients give. Boutique hotels of the highest level where everything is thought over to trifles, air flights by the first or a business class, the VIP a meeting of tourists and paperwork at the airport, the VIP transfers and is a lot more pleasant services for comfortable and unforgettable rest.


The direction “Corporate tourism” – organization of corporate trips, joint vacation, carrying out actions or team buildings became for our company also integral part of daily work. Joint vacation and team actions will allow You to increase motivation and overall performance of your personnel in team.

Besides the standard tourist directions and packages, we actively develop “Medical tourism”. Medical examination or a course of treatment in the leading clinics of the world, with the last innovations and technologies in health sector. Thanks to our long cooperation with the clinics and the medical centers of Austria, Germany, the Czech Republic, Turkey conducting in this branch and the United Arab Emirates, we can create all necessary conditions for stay, high-quality leaving and the fastest recovery.

One of the subsequent directions of our company and taking not last place in a track record – “Sports tourism”. We repeatedly carried out

registration of our National teams for participation in continental, World championships and the championships, and also the Olympic Games. Teams of wrestlers, boxers, football players and gymnasts adequately represented our country on World championships, and we in turn took care about their comfortable stay in the countries.

For an embodiment of dream vacation, or business  trip to full, high-quality and comfortable travel, a family of “Family Travel”, invites old and new friends to unforgettable travel!